Valentine's Day Couple Q&A

For this Valentine's Day, we decided to do a couples Q+A with our husbands! Find out how we met, our favorite stories and what it's like being together for over a decade!

Valentine’s Day Floral Arrangements For Six Classic Personality Types

It’s funny to think of some of the ways men and women are similar. Especially when it comes to trying to figure out the other gender. It’s hard to imagine a man reading a male version of Cosmo, isn’t it? My husband gets Men’s Health magazine and every once in awhile I’ll flip through the […]

Etsy Shop Holiday Gift Round Up

Shop our Etsy Shop Holiday Gift Round Up, the perfect way to shop unique & personalized gifts for anyone on your holiday shopping list!

Our First Wedding Expo

This past Sunday, we were honored to be part of the Destination: "I Do" Wedding Expo at the Scottish Rite Cathedral in New Castle, PA.  It was such a whirlwind experience, with plenty of ups and downs including Lyndsay leaving for New York for a week right before the show!

Labor Day Giveaway

We are super excited to be bringing you guys our very first giveaway! We wanted to end summer with something special! Now that we are both living in the same city, we are able to partake in one of our favorite activities together — shopping local boutiques!

10 Life Lessons I Learned by Thirty

Confession time, I just turned thirty. As most mortals, age does bother me a bit, it always has. Reminiscing back to middle school, I can remember long talks with friends about what we thought thirty would be.

7 Companies That Give Back To Dog Rescues

Rescue organizations are so important! Their are millions of dogs and cats all around the country who need our help and love. That’s why I love shopping with companies that give back to animal rescues!

Get Inspired: Blue & White Global Patio Reveal

I am so excited to reveal our final patio design, this year I was blessed enough to be able to invest in decorating. I went into this redesign without a budget, I just knew I wanted it done and done right!

Redesign Part 2: Living Room Decor

Lately I've been focusing all my decorating energy on the living room.  The main problem with this is...I can't decide on a color scheme!  My original plan was to do all neutrals, however, part of me really wants to add pops of color in but I can not commit to colors or patterns!
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