The Backdoor Furnishings: BYOP Workshop


Buried in Wexford lies a little gem named “The Backdoor Furnishings”. A former boss told me about the store awhile back and like most things, it slipped my mind. Exactly a year after its’ opening, I was reminded of this location after my cousin received an outrageous quote to have her bathroom vanity painted. Alas, we signed up for BYOP (Bring Your Own Piece) at “The Backdoor Furnishings” and we are hooked!

I’m sure at one point or another you’ve stumbled across Annie Sloan chalk paint on Pintrest and wanted to try it… I highly recommend the product, however, its SUPER expensive! ($35/quart, then you have added costs of wax and brushes— trust me, it’s a small fortune) This is why, with a product as great as Annie Sloan (Patented, and has been available for 7 years now), there are certified instructors available to teach the craft. I’d suggest to anyone in the Greater Pittsburgh area to head over to The Backdoor Furnishings and sign up for a class with Kim, its $120, but after the FOUR hour class you walk away with a finished piece of furniture, use to their beautiful studio, their supplies, an Annie Sloan workbook, and extremely helpful tips from a certified instructor who’s been using the product for three years. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!
JeanieRae-BackdoorFurnishings2-compressor1. Pre-mixed Paint colors corralled in a vintage tool box | 2. Swatches of available mixed color on a painted metal table | 3. Backdoor Furnishings is a stockiest of Annie Sloan products and sells everything you’ll need for your projects at home | 4. Workstation & complimentary Annie Sloan Workbook | 5. Backdoor Furnishings is not only a workshop, but they also sell pre-finished pieces
JeanieRae-BackdoorFurnishings3-compressor1. Step 2 Close-up: Distressing | 2. Ladies working on their pieces | 3. Michele distressing her drawers


All of the finished pieces from class.

Noteworthy: Don’t take a coat rack! Even though I needed it out of the garage and it was free, it doesn’t necessarily demonstrate what the paint does. I get a ton of compliments on it; it went to my office where it was desperately needed, but still, pick a more substantial piece! Another plus, after you take BYOP, you are eligible to use studio hours for $49, and also have access to all of their supplies.

Go sign up for class, what are you waiting for!

The Backdoor Furnishings
75 Shenot Road Suite D
Wexford PA 15090


  • Renee
    Congrats on the launch! I look forward to reading. I have painted several pieces for my house, but never used chalk paint. Do you need to use primer and/or poly with chalk paint? Also, I'm curious whether you use a small roller or a brush or both? What brand brushes do you like?
    • Ashley Rae
      Thanks for checking in! The product is so easy to use once you get a tutorial! There is no preparation with Annie Sloan paint, so no sanding or primer needed. There are special brushes which contribute to the expense, and you seal it with a wax finish so it appears to have a softer finish than poly. We used Annie Sloan brushes in the class, and I have purchased product directly from The Backdoor Furnishings as she is a stockist. No rollers necessary because it requires such a thin coat of paint to get total coverage!